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Great Family Owned Restaurant

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Three Great Reasons

To head over to Missy's Restaurant
I've been going to Missy's for quite some time now for breakfast.. Which is always a great visit! Last night was the first night we ate there for dinner. My dad and I ordered the fish and chip. Let me just say,it was amazing!! Didn't know what I've been missing all this time...
— Dianna Alger
2019 06 18 7 51 19

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We had breakfast the steak omelettes were great! I normally drink one cup of coffee, I drank three cups it was sooooooo good. I do recommend for people to go stop by. Nice atmosphere and it's a family business. We will be going back again!
— Tejana De CC
Amazing breakfast place and absolutely melts my heart what they do for homeless people or just anyone who is alone on Thanksgiving! I would much rather go here than any other big chain breakfast places, quality service, great people, great prices and amazing food!!! 💓
— Jen Cook
Best family owned restaurant around! You couldn’t ask for better pricing with such a friendly atmosphere and amazing food! The portions are huge. I have yet to be able to completely finish the Hungry one! The timing you can’t beat, always have our food within 10 minutes.
— Chris Prokopy

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